Approving Screen Connect On Catalina (End-user tutorial)

Here is a short how-to for any end-user that needs to approve Screen Connect on macOS Catalina.

You will only see these prompts if your device is on macOS Catalina (10.15+)

I received a Screen Connect prompt, what do I do?

1. You will be prompted to Open System Preferences and navigate to Screen Recording to approve the application:

2. You will need to click the enable option for this application:

3. After clicking to allow ConnectWise Control access to Screen Recording, you will be prompted with the following.

There is no need to choose "Quit Now", ConnectWise will work immediately if "Later" is chosen.

If you do not enable ConnectWise Control for Screen Recording, your admin will not be allowed to view your screen.

What if I do not get the prompt or clicked deny?

1. Do not panic! Navigate to System Preferences>Security and Privacy>Privacy and scroll down to Screen Recording.

2. Make sure that you see connect wise control when you get to screen recording, as seen below:

If you do not see this, contact your administrator, Screen Connect may need to be re-installed on your device. 

3. You will see a prompt to either Quit Now or Later, you can select either one, however, if you select later screen connect will still work. The prompt you will get is seen below:

After following these steps your administrator will now be able to connect to your device for remote sessions!

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